Super Absorbent Adult Diapers from Unique Wellness

The problem of incontinence was used to be a taboo thing to be discussed in public affecting more than 25 million of Americans. And millions of people take care of any of their loved one suffering from incontinence. Some of the people are having incontinence problem due to any physical ailment, many live with this condition despite being healthy and energetic that have undergone any form of prostrate surgery. But Unique Wellness has come up with adult diapers that are manufactured using MAG technology of NASA making the diapers super absorbent.

Now it’s possible to get supplies of adult diapers at your doorsteps without going in for shopping at a local store by online buying from Unique Wellness. They give a hassle-free life to the people having incontinence problem. Now you don’t have to go through embarrassment and depression by going to a shop and purchase adult diapers by logging on to and select the size and fit, the quantity and make online payment. They would deliver the pack of adult diapers at your doorsteps including free shipping when you order a case!

Before you go to any other website visit for great prices of cost effective yet environment friendly and highly absorbent adult diapers. Unique Wellness is popular source of buying world’s driest adult briefs. Using their adult diapers would limit the changing of diapers once only in a shift (each shift is 8 hours a day). So now you don’t have to rush to nearby medical stores for purchasing adult diapers. Just order online with Unique Wellness according to your size and fit and get free home delivery.

They supply cost effective and environment-friendly adult diapers made from space age technology, one of its kind. The professional staff of Unique Wellness is available round the clock to answer back queries of its customers.

For more information contact us at

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Adult Incontinence and Solutions of it

It is approximated that more than 19 million People suffer from varying degrees of urinary incontinence problems. We have typically and inappropriately believed urinary incontinence problems to be a normal side effect of labor or that it is something to be expected as we mature. Doctors now know that urinary adult incontinence problems can be a sign of an actual condition. A medical doctor should examine all situations of urinary incontinence problems. Some may cure the actual problem, while others may select to recommend a healing therapy.

Although we have always believed that getting mature was the cause of urinary incontinence problems, we now understand that there are many causes for the problem. It is approximated that nearly 86% of those suffering can seek therapy and expect to see positive outcomes. Results may vary from a much lesser degree of urinary incontinence problems to fully finding urinary incontinence. While some situations of urinary incontinence problems are caused by aging, most situations are indicators of actual health problems, such as enlargement of the prostate in men and decrease of estrogen in post-menopausal women. These examples highlight the importance of searching for guidance, assessment and therapy from your medical doctor.

You can also look into the various other methods that can help to cure urinary adult incontinence problems. Kegal exercises, which help to toughen the pelvic muscles, are often a helpful method of controlling urinary incontinence problems. More serious situations may require treatment, or even medical procedures. It all depends on the intensity and your level of irritation. For urinary incontinence problems, diapers are an excellent way to ease the irritation from decrease of urinary incontinence.

While you are in the process of searching for therapy, whether it is treatment, exercise or medical procedures, you will need to decide what kind of adult diaper to select. Your doctor can assist the best brand of adult incontinence diapers for you. Luckily, for most experiences of this problem, many items are available to create their lives more comfortable.

There are pair of things you want to look for when considering adult incontinence problems diapers. First of course is the fit. Typically these will come in small, medium, huge and huge. Knowing your hips size is about all you need to know to ensure an excellent fit. However, these items will come with different types of fit around the thighs. Some will be elasticized so there is a proper fit, others will come with tape that you will have to create sure is comfortable to prevent loss. Now a days good companies manufacturer adult diapers that are based on space technology developed by NASA for astronauts who have to use such things during their space walk.

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Adult Diapers Most Efficient way to Deal with Incontinence

Adult diapers are a necessary product for people who cannot manage their bladder movements, or who experience from urinary incontinence problems and other aliments. Adult diapers are actually used quite regularly by many people, and can be purchased at most stores online where diapers are sold.

Adult diapers are manufactured by the major diaper companies around the world, and are available in either non-recyclable, or cloth versions, which are recyclable or reusable. Disposable adult diapers are created of a cloth-like water resistant exterior, with a moisture-proof coating inside, as well as an absorbing inner primary. These diapers are very popular because of the benefit that they are comfortable and convenient, and can quickly be thrown away after each use.

Cloth Adult Diapers are somewhat cheaper than disposable diapers, and they are reusable and recyclable but as far as convenience and hygiene is concerned the latter one is more favorite among the people. Good and hi-tech adult diaper manufacturing companies are now including technology used by NASA for adult diapers made especially for the astronauts. Cloth adult diapers can be cleaned with laundry washing cleaning agent and water, thus putting less stress on the landfills.

Adult diapers are used in the following medical situations:

• People who experience from urinary incontinence problems.
• Individuals who are bedridden.
• Those that is emotionally ill.
• People who are in the process of restoration after surgery, and cannot get out of bed.
• Those that is incapable or restricted to a motorized wheel chair.
• Pregnant women who must pee regularly.

Adult diapers can be used in other circumstances in addition to the list above. These involve security, who must stay on work, and jet pilots, during liftoff and getting. These days, some adult diapers are designed to be slim and hard to identify, so they will not be quickly noticed by anyone. This can provide an excellent solution for anyone who has urinary incontinence problems and is shy by wearing diapers.

You can order adult diapers online from the comfort of your own home, and have them provided prudently to your door. This would protect you from the embarrassment to going to a medical store or shop and ask for pack of adult diapers. These diapers are now available in various sizes right from XS to XL sizes. Just check out which one is your size and order accordingly. Prices are far more competitive and reasonable in these online stores in comparison to the physical store.

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How NASA Astronauts Changed the Way Diapers Are Used

Astronauts cannot use the restroom during a space walk. NASA developed several ways to deal with this problem in the history of the space program. The first designs catered to the needs of male astronauts. The single gender design did not create a problem. Female astronauts did not enter the space program until 1978. The previous designs did not adapt well to female use. Therefore NASA decided on a diaper-like garment that both male and female astronauts could wear during liftoff, takeoff, and during walks. The result was the maximum absorbency garments.

The maximum absorbency garments are adult diapers that are issued for space shuttle missions. The garments made headlines when Lisa Nowak drove 900 miles to assault Colleen Shipman. The press claimed that Nowak wore the space program’s garment during the entire trip to avoid a pit stop. The media attention is a small matter, the technology used by NASA has been adapted to terrestrial applications. Wellness Briefs used many of the materials used in the space program’s solution, although the garments are not designed to survive trips for thousands of miles.

The astronauts usually time their landings and spacewalks to avoid defecating into the garment. The Wellness briefs use the same multi-layered design to provide comfort to the wearer. Both the maximum absorbency garments and the Wellness Brief use sodium polyacrylate. Sodium polyacrylate can absorb up to 800 times its weight in water. The materials absorption capabilities make it desirable for use in adult diapers.

Adult diapers were introduced in the 1980s as a way of dealing with adult incontinence. The first brands to enter the market did not use the same materials that NASA would later use in what became known as the Mags. The technology developed for the space program was quickly adopted by the makers of incontinence products. It worked better. The chemical reduces the frequency of changes and reduces the risk of leaks. The briefs are thin enough to conceal the fact that the user is wearing a Wellness Brief.

But making less changes and staying dry the Wellness Brief is the perfect example of space age technology used for the better of mankind.


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Lead your life the way you like with Wellness Briefs.

Incontinence is a problem that is faced by many experienced adults and can cause a very large disruption in the routine of a person who may be retired or close to retirement. Whether life is filled with great activities or just nice quiet evenings with friends, interruptions could occur and sometimes can cause awkward and embarrassing moments. The one thing that persons suffering from incontinence want is a more consistent lifestyle uninhibited by untimely interruptions. They want their life back and they want that life back now. There is hope on the horizon.

Wellness Briefs are the one product that have allowed experienced adults to regain their life and have a more full and active life. Experienced adults who are allowed to continue with a higher level of activity are more prone to life longer and stay healthier. Incontinence is one way to involuntarily put active lives on hold and lead a person to a closed less productive life. Although people with incontinence think their life is unable to become normal again, there are several things that Wellness Briefs help bring back.

Taking that long drive through the countryside is now possible without worry about how and when to must go. That dinner date that was put off due to embarrassment and inconvenience is now much more relaxed and confident. For those teachers, it is cool to have the opportunity to have a class session that is not interrupted by untimely flows. Living can now be freer and somewhat spontaneous again. There is no need to worry about odor, surprise flows, or poor comfort. Wellness Briefs are the incontinence partners that help to eliminate the thought of living with incontinence. Getting life back is a matter of having a partner that has the products, technology, and support that is needed.

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Incontinence is a widespread condition affecting millions of Americans. Previous solutions of using adult diapers are not only regarded as a stigma among society but often inadequate in providing the needed protection and absorption which are comfortable to wear leaving no worries to both the care providers and the users. This is why Unique Wellness is offering their adult brief’s as a part of their Unique Wellness Incontinence Program. Unlike diapers which can get conspicuous and uncomfortable to wear round the clock, these briefs prevent leaks, odors and sores helping the person sleep better and those who are taking care of the individual to reduce time, cost and other resources to be spent on cleaning.

The Wellness briefs also provide a low cost, low maintenance solution that does not harm the environment because of less contribution to wastes. The regular Wellness Brief can absorb up to 87 oz as compared to regular diapers or briefs which can only hold up to 24 oz. Compare this data to the average human urine output of 50 oz. On an average day, you may only use 3 Wellness Briefs while you will have to use around 7 for regular briefs making it more expensive on the long run even if average cost of Wellness Brief is $1.49. Per year, it will only cost $1,631.55 as opposed to the amount with regular briefs at $2,299.50. Another reason you can save by using Wellness Briefs is that it does not require the use of bed pads or perhaps room deodorizers because of effective odor guard. Caretakers in facilities can even save with cleansing wipes and latex gloves because you only have to change three times per day. Additionally, creams and ointments are unnecessary except for sensitive skin because of elimination of chances of the skin getting dry, being irritated or developing rashes as Unique Wellness uses the most advanced materials with proper research.


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Wellness Briefs Have Better Protection And Ultimate Dryness

Wellness Briefs Adult DiapersIf you suffer from loss of bladder control, you know that it is important that you have an adult diaper you can trust to protect you from discomfort and possible embarrassment. There are a variety of adult diapers on the market today, but one brand that stands out from the rest is the Wellness Brief.

Wellness Briefs provide strong protection while providing total comfort for all day wear. Wellness Briefs are designed with technology created by NASA that is guaranteed to provide more absorbancy than any other brand. This technology is known as MAG (Maximum Absorbancy Garment) and it is proven to absorb up to 60 times its own volume and it can protect you and keep you dry. The Wellness Brief’s unique layering takes the wetness away from your body, and it also protects you from embarrassing odors. Since Wellness Briefs hold so much fluid, they do not have to be changed as often, and this will also help you save money on the expense of buying adult diapers. When you use Wellness Briefs for your incontinence issue, you can rest easy knowing you will be protected.

If you are looking for a brand of adult diapers that is guaranteed to give you a protection that no other brand of adult diapers can provide, you need to buy Wellness Briefs. These adult diapers were designed with leading NASA technology and they can help you worry less about your adult diapers so you can worry more about living your life.


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About Wellness Briefs Technology

Incontinence is an embarrassing problem. The Wellness briefs can provide you an efficient solution to this problem.

The technology behind Wellness incontinence products

Nowadays adult diapers are readily available in the market but not all come with as superior features as Wellness briefs. The Wellness adult briefs have been designed based on the principles of MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garments) which have been specially created for astronauts. NASA has used a super absorbent polymer with a capacity to absorb up to 60 times its volumes.

Advanced features of Wellness briefs

The Wellness adult diapers are made with super absorbent polymers which have a capacity to soak up to 2.6 liters of water.  High absorbency is a unique feature of Wellness incontinence products. It makes these briefs effective and reduces expenditure on incontinence products. People who use Wellness briefs remain dry and feel comfortable for a longer period of time.

Normal adult diapers use paper pulp and hence their absorption capacity is much less. They use a single layer absorption system which makes a person feel uncomfortable very soon and he has to change quite a few times in a day.

Triple layered core absorption system is another feature of Wellness briefs. This system absorbs more liquid than normal adult briefs. The liquid is kept trapped in a separate layer. This makes the skin feel dry and prevents UTIs, severe irritation and other conditions that are commonly related to incontinence. Moreover, it does not lead to odor also.

So, the outstanding technology used in creating Wellness adult briefs not only ensures that a person feels dry and comfortable but also remains healthy.

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Living with Incontinence and How the Wellness Brief Can Help

Incontinence can be defined as loss of bladder control that disrupts daily activities and often becomes embarrassing. Although this problem has become very common but there is hope to deal incontinence and live with comfort and dignity.

Wellness incontinence products aim to provide people with an efficient, healthy and cost effective incontinence solution.

What makes Wellness briefs so effective?

Wellness adult diapers use high absorbent materials which can absorb up to 2.6 liters of water. So when you use Wellness briefs you do not have to frequently change them. In fact, you only require three changes in a day. So, you can go for your daily activities without worrying about changes and accidents. Wellness briefs make you feel confident, happy and in control of your life.

With these briefs you save a lot on managing continence. As these briefs keep you dry and odorless so you do not have to spend on ointments, creams and other products.

The Wellness adult diapers come with a unique three layer absorption system. This ensures that the liquid is kept away from the skin in a separate layer. With Wellness diapers you feel dry and comfortable all day long. A single change in the night ensures that you sleep comfortably and lead a healthy life.

The high absorbency system of Wellness briefs also ensure that you do not suffer from medical side effects like rashes, urinary tract infections or odor that are commonly associated with incontinence.

Wellness adult diapers are highly absorbent diapers that use latest technology to help you to lead a normal life.

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The history between NASA and Adult Diapers

Though there is no dearth of information about adult diapers, a huge question mark appears when individuals are questioned about the history of NASA and adult diapers. It is a fact that NASA officials have been repeatedly questioned about the source from where they have procured the diapers, used by astronauts. It is obvious that these diapers need to be super absorbent, given the limited disposing space within the spacecraft and the long time taken to complete a space journey.

During the early days of space travel, male astronauts used a condom shaped sheath, connected to a collection pouch via a tube, whereas their female counterparts used zipper-fastened disposable absorption containment trunks. All these changed in the 1990s with the introduction of a special adult diaper that was laced with sodium polychromate… a liquid absorbing chemical. Each astronaut is supplied with three such diapers during the course of a space shuttle mission. One of them is for launch, one for reentry, and the third one is a spare, provided in case the reentry has to be waived for some reason and has to be attempted later. You will be surprised to learn that these adult diapers boast of super absorbency along with leakage control. They can keep skin and clothes dry up to 12 hours and are useful for individuals suffering from heavy inconsistency. Unlike traditional adult diapers, they do not make you feel wet and uncomfortable. The traditional ones are quite costly, are the cause of rashes, cannot prevent odors, are bad for the environment, and are quite costly.


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